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Nobles: Student Dismissal Has Been Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year June 4.
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Welcome all
My name is Connie and this is my first school year working with High School students. I have previously volunteered in a youth organization coaching cheer for children 4-10 years old. It is a great pleasure working and being around our future leaders.
Select the link that best suits the information you are requiring. Do not hesitate in reaching out to me for additional assistance.

Work Permit


Students, please make sure the work permit is emailed back to me so that I can process it as soon as possible.

Education/Background Verification can be requested by email or fax.
Fax 626-965-4587
Alpha Registrar for A-L

Here is a list of the must have items.

-Copy of Birth Certificate

-Parent ID

-Utility bill (Gas, Water, Electric, Lease or Mortgage agreement)

-Immunization Records

-Check out grades (If currently enrolled and taking classes at previous school)




I currently rent a place with a relative and have no bills under my name.

*No problem, please download Statement of Residence to fulfill this requirement.


I do not have a copy of the immunization record on me.

*This is OK. Our nurse will reach out to you so you may provide it at your earliest convenience. Odds are the student will need to retake the required shots prior to attending classes on campus.


I am not the parent.

*Not a problem. Please provide legal documents naming you as the guardian of the student.


I cannot get the transcript grades.

*We understand that there are going to be obstacles in obtaining records. Usually schools will have a student portal where the student is able to print a copy of their transcript grades. Please keep in mind that transcripts are vital in providing the student with the best class selection and avoid repeat in courses
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Connie Almaraz
Registrar Alpha A-L
Send email
626-965-3437 Ext 3506
626-965-4587 (fax)