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Mr. Chris C. Carstensen » A few things about me

A few things about me

A special hello to all! My name is Chris Carstensen and I am proud to be of service to the students at Nogales High School. I currently serve our wonderful students who are part of the Special Day Class (SDC) program here at Nogales. I teach applied algebra and geo. classes and English 10 and 11. As a person who did not like math as a child, my motivation is to teach algebra like I would have liked it to be taught to me. With that in mind, hands on activities using strategies learned from Pictorial Math, mixed with traditional methods and constant checking for understanding are methods I choose to use to ensure success and understanding of key algebra concepts.

I currently possess a Bachelor of Arts in Leisure Studies from Cal State University of Los Angeles; Level 1 Educational Specialists Credential and CLAD Credential from Cal State Poly University Pomona; Level II Educational Specialists Credential from Cal State Poly University Pomona; Masters of Arts with and Emphasis in Special Education from Cal State Poly University Pomona.

This my 7th year as an educator in the Rowland Unified School District. I am proud to teach in the Rowland family of educators. I'm looking forward to successful school year! I believe in the NOBLES!!!!!!!


SDC Teacher-Applied Algebra and Geo. 10 and 11 and English 10 and 11

School Phone # 626-965-3437 : Ext. 3623

401 S. Nogales Street
La Puente, CA 91744

Other Info:

•I support the Nogales Poetry Club, all sports teams, watched the CIF waterpolo team win the Championship last year and support the drama staudents.

This is our class syllabus for the up coming year, 2011-2012

Class Syllabus
Mr. Carstensen
Nogales High School
401 S. Nogales St. La Puente, CA 91744
Room F-3, ext. 3623
Subject: Applied Algebra and Geometry
Textbooks: Algebra 1 AGS

Supplemental Materials: Algebra workbook (AGS Publishing), Pictorial Mathematics (Meaningful Learning), Manipulates

Grading: My policy is based on a point system. Students earn points for class participation,
completing class work, homework, tests, projects; all work is counted and graded.
A=90%+ B=80%-89% C=70%-79% D=60%-69% F=below 59% grades are calculated from the percentage of a students' points versus the total number of points earned.

Citizenship/Work habits grading scales rules and procedures
O (Outstanding) will be given to those students who demonstrate
superior conduct.
S (Satisfactory) will be given to students who meet the accepted
standards of good classroom conduct.
N (Needs Improvement) will be given for tardiness, cutting class,
misbehavior, and violation(s) of class rules and regulations.
U (Unsatisfactory) will be given for persistent/extreme tardiness,
truancy, misbehavior, and violation of class rules and regulations

-Class Rules-and Expectations-
1. No food, make-up or drink in the class, only water.
2. Stay in your seat, must ask for perrimissiom to leaver your seat.
3. Raise your hand; do not talk when teachers are talking.
4. No sleeping in class.
5. Treat others like you would want to be treated.
6. No phones, IPods, hats or music.
7. No switching seats without permission.
8. Be on time, sit down and complete sponge activity/warm-up.
9. Bring necessary materials to class every day.
10. No profanity.

--Classroom Management Plan--
Talking, Minor Class Disruptions, Failure to follow class rules, Truancies,
Homework not completed, Lack of Materials, etc

Step 1- Teacher Warning/ Student Counseling
Step 2- Teacher Warning/ Student Counseling/ Teacher Consequence - Parent Contact
Step 3- Teacher Warning/ Student Counseling /Teacher Consequence (lunch detention) - Parent Contact
Step 4- Teacher Warning/ Student Counseling /Teacher Consequence (2 after school detentions) – Meeting with Family
Step 5- Referral / Send to BIC or Assistant Principal/ Contact Family