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School Policies » Demerits


As a tool in Nogales High School's progressive discipline system each consequence is given a demerit value, which eventually can result in a student being placed on an exclusion list. Once on the exclusion list, students may not participate in any extracurricular activities and lose privileges such as dances, assemblies, field trips, performances, athletic/academic teams, parking permits, off-campus lunch passes, senior activities, etc. It takes students 20 demerits to be placed on the exclusion list, which is compiled over the semester. At the bottom of the page is a list of consequences with their demerit value.

Credit System
Students have the opportunity to earn off demerits. Earning credits neither deletes the original infraction from the discipline record nor relieves the responsibility of the student to complete the assigned consequence. For example, a driver can earn no points on their driving record if they attend traffic school so too can a student have demerits zeroed out if they complete their lunch or after school detention on the originally assigned date. This policy will encourage students to satisfy minor disciplinary consequences and still retain the perks of attending school social functions.