Nogales High School

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Welcome Back Nobles!
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It is my pleasure to introduce this top notch program to you. We know that you have the ability and the drive to engage yourself in this program and the Nogales Staff is committed to bringing each student the best education that is possible.  The IB education is the most challenging and most interesting curriculum that is available to high school juniors and seniors worldwide.  Nogales is dedicated to excellence and these are a few highlights to illustrate our pursuit of excellence
  • Granted approval by the International Baccalaureate visiting committee in 2000.
  • Student success on IB tests- Since testing began; hundreds of students have passed tests granting them over 1,000 college units.
  • Approximately 25% of the senior class is involved in taking IB and AP tests, with the number growing each year.
Please read on to find out more about the opportunities that IB brings to our students and to our school.
Clay Woodside
Coordinator, International Baccalaureate
Nogales High School