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Nobles: Student Dismissal Has Been Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year June 4.
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  • 7:04 Song of the Hummingbird by Graciela Limon

    Huitzitzilin, or Hummingbird, is an old woman who tells her life story to Father Benito, a Spanish priest. She tells him of her life from being an Aztec princess to being a slave during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. In retelling her story, she forces Father Benito to see the conquest through the point of view of the conquered.

    Uploaded Dec 01, 2020 to NHS Library
  • 2:40 Who Will Tell My Brother? by Marlene Carvell

    Even, part Native American, is a senior in high school and sets out to have the offensive Indian mascot changed. In the process he encounters bullying and violence, but he also learns about his ancestry, his heritage, and himself and his place in the world.

    Uploaded Dec 01, 2020 to NHS Library
  • 12:27 Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac

    This book tells of the contributions of the Navajo Marines during World War Two, and how their language was instrumental in helping the United States win the war.

    Uploaded Nov 17, 2020 to NHS Library
  • 7:54 With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

    Emoni Santiago tries to juggle senior year of high school with other important issues in her life.

    Uploaded Nov 10, 2020 to NHS Library
  • 10:01 Ten by Gretchen McNeil

    Meg and Minnie have their own reasons for wanting to attend an exclusive house party on Henry Island. They expect to have fun, but they definitely don't expect murder.

    Uploaded Nov 03, 2020 to NHS Library

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