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Posted On 2012-09-08
Year 2011
Memoir *Since I'm a student(Class 2012) here I really do not want to use my real name but i promise to only write positive things for Nogales.

Hmm? Nogales High School? What to say? What not to say? Nogales High School is a school like no other thats for sure. Sure, Nogales has its punks, delinquents, jocks, nerds, and misfits but this school would not be the same without them. I have been here for two years now and have gone through a lot. I have been successful academically, mentally, and physical but I also been in some tough scrapes too. However, no matter what Nogales is there for me, and even though we might complain that Nogales is too hard...We all agree that Nogales is unique, and me personally am happy to be a part of Nogales. So, long live Nogales and Im proud to be Noble!

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