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Memoirs » Football 1986

Football 1986

Sender Lawson Wooten
Posted On 2013-01-16
Year 1983-1987
Memoir I was that guy in the back of the photos that you mostly overlooked. I played sports at Nogales and was even in the Band(mother made me do that one). I remember sneaking off to summer football practice my senior year( didn't want my parents to know). Then I remember being cut from the team because coach did not think that I wanted it that bad. Then I remember the guys on the team (Doi, Ruben and many others) telling to go back and talk to the coach.

These guys had my back that day, and while I did not take their advice, I learned something that day about being a Noble. We might not like or agree with each other day to day. But, when it was needed, I believe they were my brothers for that moment. I stayed on as one of the team manager because of those guys. I celebrated when we won and I was crushed when we lost to Damien in the playoffs.

Even though I letterd in other sports, I hold my time as one of the Football Managers close. It was an Honor to work for such a distinguished group of young men.

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