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Welcome Back Nobles!
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Battle of the Tracks

After 14 years, we took the Battle of the Tracks trophy back! Friday night was incredible. We had our biggest crowd of the year. The students started a spirit section and were having a great time during the entire game. They made arrangements to meet before the game, made signs, dressed in Noble gear and painted their faces green. They had tremendous school spirit and it was very encouraging to watch them have a great time as they cheered on their classmates. Our Grease themed half time show was very entertaining and incorporated a lot of students. As the final seconds ticked off the clock, we were able to win the game on the final play and the crowd erupted! 14 years years of frustration came to an end. The excitement was evident on everyones face. We are moving forward in many areas and Friday night was a great example of Noble pride and spirit. GO NOBLES!!!