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Nobles: Student Dismissal Has Been Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year June 4.
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Mrs. McCobb's Class

Welcome to my class!  I am excited to have you with me.  This class will be full of information that is crucial to your education here at Nogales High School.  I am hoping that this class will prepare you for your college level courses that you will be taking shortly. 
I teach IB Biology HL (year 2) and Anatomy & Physiology.
A little about me:
My name is Melissa McCobb and this is my eleventh year teaching at Nogales High School. I grew up in Diamond Bar, CA and graduated from DBHS in 2001.  I then continued my education at Cal State Fullerton and graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies in 2006, my teaching credential in 2007,  and my Master's in Secondary Education in 2012. 
Feel free to contact me ANYTIME day or night.  By e-mail or phone.  
Email: Click link below my picture
Cell Phone: (626) 667-4135  You can call OR text. Please make sure to tell me who you are!

What is IB? The Diploma Program (DP) is a curriculum framework designed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) for students in the last two years of high school. IB students graduating with the IB diploma are able to study at universities all around the world, often with advanced credit. Students report that their involvement with the IB has given them the tools needed to succeed at college. In particular, students comment on their sense of preparedness, self-confidence, research skills and their ability to manage their time. Even more important, they have developed a sense of the world around them and their responsibility to it. Diploma Program students study six college level subjects over two years and complete three additional requirements (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, CAS Experiences).

IB Mission Statement: The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right

Summary of research related to the IB Diploma Program (DP) 
1. Students who participate in IB during high school are more academically adjusted to the rigor and expectations of college courses.
2. Students who participate in IB are not intimidated by the heavy workload required in college courses.
3. Students who participate in IB believe the program taught them how to balance coursework and manage their time more efficiently.
4. Students who participate in IB have higher rates of university enrollment and graduation at four-year institutions compared to the national average.
5. Students from Title I schools who participate in IB enroll in college at much higher rates than the national averages
All of my classes information can be found in the attached syllabi. 

IB Biology Course Requirements Year 2   (2020-21)

Mrs. McCobb                   

  1. EXPECTATIONS: IB Biology is a college level course. You will be held to high expectations and mature responsibilities just like a college freshman taking Biology. Behavior: Nogales Nobles have P.R.I.D.E. All classroom behavior expectations can be found in the NHS student planner and will be reviewed in the first weeks of school.
  1. ATTENDANCE: Attendance is crucial since we will be covering a large amount of material and doing many virtual labs and group activities throughout the year. Attendance will count toward the participation portion of your grade. 

2a. Tardy policy:  1-2:  Teacher counsel + warning. 3rd: Parent contact + consequence. 4th: Parent contact by office.  5th: Teacher referral. Resets every 6 weeks. *Policy can be revised by Discipline Committee at anytime 

  • Spiral Notebook (College-ruled/at least 70 pages). You MUST bring this to class EVERYDAY. Need 2 (1 per semester) *Unless your notebook is big enough for the year
  • NHS Student planner (Unsure if 2020 will have)
  • Textbook: Biology Concepts and Connections (5th Ed.) by Campbell, Reece, Taylor and Simon with CD-ROM. This is only a supplemental book, and should be left at home as a resource.
  • Student Resource and Activity Manual: IB Biology Student Workbook by BIOZONE ®
  • Other materials you will find useful to have: Tape, a calculator (note: certain calculators, phone calculators, and smart watches are NOT allowed during tests) and highlighters.
  1. LABS: You will complete 4 formal labs during the year. Lab reports must be completed according to the standard format. Late labs will be docked 5 points per day. EVEN IF YOU ARE ABSENT DURING CLASS, YOU NEED TO TURN IN YOUR LABS ON TIME TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.
  1. HOMEWORK: MAX 1 WEEK LATE for ALL ASSIGNMENTS-after that timeframe, the assignment will not be accepted
  • Textbook Reading: Daily reading and page #s are given at the beginning of each period. You will use your book as a resource to complete assignments to give your eyes time away from the computer.
  • Homework Assignments: Assignments will be checked and graded, Late assignments will be docked for points EACH day late (any time after the beginning of the period, and work is collected, counts as one day). (Notebooks and BIOZONES are marked off 3pts/pg/day late—Late Labs marked off 5 pts/day). If you know you will be absent, you must turn in your assignments early.
  • Final grades-All second semester work and grades are finalized on the first day of the IB Bio exams, and no work or grade changes will be made after that date. Date TBD.
  • Extra credit- EC will be minimal and will be input in the “Notebook” portion of your grade
  • EE credit- To make sure you are keeping up with your EE essay deadlines, 3% of your grade in this class will be linked to your EE. These points will be entered into your grade at each grading period.

Homework and my Power points are posted on my website weekly, which can be found through the Nogales HS website (  If you are absent, you can always check the website for homework, the PPT for the day, and any resources handed out in class.  If you are having trouble finding my site,-type my last name in the “search text” box on the Nogales website or click on “Staff directory”.  Scroll down until you find my name-then click on it.

  1. QUIZZES/EXAMS: Quizzes and exam questions will be based on class notes from the PowerPoints, the Campbell text, the Biozone Manual and the virtual labs. The exams will also include released questions from past IB Biology tests. They will include multiple choice, data analysis, and short answer portions.  Generally there are no make-ups for missed tests.  If you know you are going to be absent on the day of the test, you must make arrangements to take the test BEFORE the test date. If you are unexpectedly absent, I must hear from you by 7 am through email/text, or no make-up test will be allowed. 
  1. GRADING: Grades will be calculated as a percentage. Each student will earn a grade based on the quality of work they complete and test/quiz scores.

A+    97-100                 A      93-96                   A-     90-92             Exams/Quizzes/Presentations= 30%

B+    87-89                   B      83-86                    B-     80-82       Labs/Lab Reports= 30%

C+    77-79                   C      73-76                    C-    70-72            Notebook/Homework/EC= 27%

D+   67-69                    D     63-66                    D-    60-62            Participation= 10%

F      0-59                                                                                         EE=3%







Anatomy and Physiology Class Guidelines 2020-21

Mrs. Melissa McCobb        


Course Description: Students will study the functions and structures of the human body.  Lab dissections of a sheep’s brain, eye, and heart will supplement the course work (IF WE RETURN TO HYBRID LEARNING). Laboratory experiences are an integral part of the course and students can expect homework regularly.  Topics covered include: homeostasis, organ systems, anatomical terminology, the integumentary system, the skeletal system, human reproduction, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Classroom Expectations and Policies:

  1. Be on time. Parents will be notified by phone of each absence and tardy. 5+ is considered excessive for tardy or absences.  To be considered on time, you must be in your SEAT when the bell rings.
    1. Schoolwide Tardy Policy: 1-2= Teacher counsel + warning. 3rd= Parent contact + consequence. 4th= Parent contact by office, 5th+=Teacher referral + Parents meet with administrator.  Resets every 6 weeks. *Policy can be revised by Discipline Committee at anytime
  2. Bring your materials to class everyday (Interactive notebook, NHS student planner, paper, pens/pencils).
  3. School rules will be enforced: Follow the dress code (No hoods or non-Nogales hats allowed on in class).
  4. Please use the restroom before coming to class
  5. If you are absent, please check online for your homework.  As we are in a virtual environment, your homework is expected on time whether you are present during class or not.


  • Assignments must be turned in ON TIME to receive full credit.  Late assignments will be docked points. (Notebooks are docked 3pts/per page/per day late.  Projects are docked 3 pts every day late-- 1 week late MAX for all assignments). 
  • You will complete an interactive notebook each semester. This interactive notebook is to be brought to class EVERY DAY.  All work will be completed and kept in the interactive notebook.
  • ALL homework and presentations are posted on my website, which can be found through the Nogales website at (  If you are absent, you can always check your Google Classroom for what we did in class.
  • Tests will include a variety of different types of questions (multiple choice, labeling, short answer, critical thinking questions, and a performance activity or case study). Test Make-ups are to be taken BEFORE the test date.  If pre-test is not possible, make-ups will be the following school day (This must be arranged with teacher PRIOR to test date). Loss of -5 points for “No-call, No-shows”- NO retakes after 2 make-up sessions following the original test date.  This class does not offer students to re-take tests for a higher grade.
  • Labs and projects: There will be a mix of individual and group projects throughout the class.  All group members will share the same grade on projects.  MISSED LABS CANNOT BE MADE-UP.  If there is a textbook portion of a lab, the student may complete that part for partial credit.  Even if the student has an excused absence, labs cannot be made-up and will impact their grade-unless it is virtual. 
  • Extra credit—  EC is input in the HW section of grade.  EC will have a minimal impact on grade.  EC can also be earned by answering extra test questions- these points will go toward test scores


Grading Scale:  98-100 =A+               87-89 = B+             77-79 = C+            68-69 = D+           0-59 = F

                            94-97= A                   83-86 = B                73-76 = C              64-67 = D

                            90-93 = A-                 80-82= B-               70-72 = C-             60-63 = D-


30%: Tests/Quizzes    30% Labs/Projects/Presentations     30%: Notebook/EC  10% Participation


Textbook: Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology by Terry R. Martin.


Behavior Expectations: Nogales Nobles have P.R.I.D.E. All classroom behavior expectations can be found on p. 5 of the NHS student planner and will be reviewed the first week of school.