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Welcome to my web page! I am Miss Serrano and I have the pleasure of being a Nogales High School World Language Teacher. This is my 19th year teaching Spanish at this school and look forward to another year. Please feel free to contact me. I am honored to work with your son or daughter.

1. Be prompt.
2. Be prepared.
3. Be proper.

Attendance Policy is the same as the school policy. Please refer to the Class Information Sheet.

Homework Policy: All work is to be turned in by the end of each week unless the student is legally absent. If a student is absent the day all work must be turned in, absence must be cleared and work turned in the day the student returns to school.

Please understand these rules were put in place to better prepare your son or daughter for their educational and professional future.


School Rules and Procedures
Per Nogales High School policy, all students are expected to:

Carry a Nogales High School ID card at all times and present it to school personnel upon request.
Follow the direction of any Nogales High School employee.
Obtain teacher permission and hall pass before leaving class during the period.
Dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles.
Report any conflicts, threats or harassment to a Nogales staff member immediately.
Self-defense is not an acceptable reason for engaging in physical violence. Students involved in fighting will be suspended and issued a court citation.

Cell phones shall be turned off and their use strictly prohibited on campus during class hours and passing periods. Students may seek permission from a school staff member to make a phone call or use the cell phone in the presence of the staff member. Cell phones will be confiscated for failure to comply with this policy.
Any device or accessory (including earbuds or earphones), that is heard or seen hanging from any article of clothing, ear, backpack etc. will be confiscated if used during prohibited times.

*Nogales High School assumes NO liability for the loss, misuse, or theft of such devices when brought on campus.


The following clothing and accessories will not be allowed on the Nogales High School campus. They include, but are not limited to, items that are sexually suggestive or distracting to instruction, and items that have been deemed by local law enforcement to be (a) gang, tagger, or crew related, or (b) representative of gang affiliation.
For a more detailed list, please refer to the Nogales High School website. Students in violation will be sent to the Student Service Center to change.

Students must be in the classroom and in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings and be prepared to receive instruction. Class attendance is mandatory. You must use the restroom before or after class ONLY. Restroom passes will NOT be issued unless required through a verified medical condition.


Students must have all materials and assignments that are required for the lesson being presented. Students will be ready to participate in class.

Materials: 3 ring binder, 5 dividers with tabs, sharpened pencils, pens (black/blue), small notebook, paper, covered textbook, participation card, student planner, *Spanish-English dictionary.

The student will be respectful to the teacher, peers and any other person in the classroom.
Profanity is not allowed in the classroom and will not be tolerated.
Students will be warned for first offense and receive a classroom consequence, parent will be contacted for second offense, and student will be assigned detention for each additional offense.
Absolutely no food, drinks (other than water), or gum are allowed in the classroom. Items will be discarded immediately.

Class discipline will consist of a warning system in which three warnings constitute a consequence (profanity is considered a serious offense and will be dealt with as previously explained in the classroom rules). Parents will be contacted if the problem persists.
If the negative behavior does not cease, a parent/teacher/student meeting will be
required. If these steps do not resolve the negative behavior, the student will be referred to his/her counselor and/or administration. Poor or incorrect student choices will be dealt with in a timely, correct, fair, and firm manner. Positive consequences for proper behavior will also be assigned. Students are expected to use the target language in the classroom and points will be awarded for each complete day. The first two classes to reach the designated
goals will be rewarded. Students will also be given participation points for positive participation. Participation cards will be collected at the end of each month. Students may also earn homework passes throughout the school year via class activities.
1. Homework will be given and due on the assigned date.
2. Tests and quizzes will be given to determine mastery/competency of language skills presented to the class.
3. If assignments/tests/quizzes are
missed due to a legal absence, it will be made up the next time the class meets or
the date agreed upon by both the student and teacher.
* It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor concerning assignments, tests, and/or quizzes missed during a legal absence. All assignments, tests, and/or quizzes not made up in a timely fashion will receive a grade of zero.
The student’s progress and semester grades will be determined by the combined point total earned in each of the following areas:
1. Homework(20%)
2. In-class Assignment (20%)
3. Projects (20%)
3. Quizzes and Tests (30%)
4. Class Participation (10%)
5. Any other work considered appropriate by the instructor.
96 -100% = A+
93 - 95% = A
90 - 92% = A-
87 - 89% = B+
83 - 86% = B
80 - 82% = B-
77 - 79% = C+
73 - 76% = C
70 - 72% = C-
67 - 69% = D+
63 - 66% = D
60 - 62% = D-
0 - 59% = F