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Welcome to my Nogales High School Home Page.
Courses currently teaching:
AP English Lang.
English 11
Please feel free to email should any questions arise.


Chapter 4 and 5 Reading Activities- The Great Gatsby

Complete the following activities for chapters 4 & 5:
Chapter 4:
1. Take names from Gatsby's guest list and google them.  What types of people were they? (Social and economic class, professional background, etc.)  What does this tell you about the type of people Gatsby hung out with?  What does this possibly reveal about Gatsby's character and the type of person he is?
2. Google search the World Series of 1919.  Become an expert on what happened, and what the consequences were for those involved.  How did Wolfsheim manage to fix the World Series, and how did this affect his status in New York society?  What does this reveal about the true character of Gatsby?  Does this change his reputation, or does this make his reputation better?
Chapter 5:
1. Research the historical emigration from Europe to the US.  Why did people move to America?  What types of people moved to the US?  What was the end result of their move?
2. How does the "European Legacy" live strong in Fitzgerald's story?
3. What is the author trying to have you (the audience) think about the European influence in American culture?  Provide examples from today's society that demonstrate how the European Legacy is still alive and strong.

The Great Gatsby- Week 1

Below is the first week's schedule for The Great Gatsby.  You will be given a calendar for the entire unit, which will include quiz dates, test dates, project due dates, and assignment topics.  Because you are informed of the quiz dates in advance, you will NOT BE ALLOWED to make up quizzes, no matter what the excuse for the absence. Plan your days accordingly, and you should avoid be tardy or absent for any reason.  If you do miss a day of class, it will be your responsibility to make up the work within one day of the absence.  If you "forget" and do not make up the work, you will have to accept the zero you will earn.  Because all assignments will be posted and are outlined on the calendar, you will be responsible for getting each assignment on your own time.
Monday 2/27:
1. Book checkout at Library @ beginning of period --> 4 points for having ID and getting book, 0 points if no ID and no book.
2. Introduction to The Great Gatsby
3. Review of reading calendar and quiz schedule
Tuesday 2/28:
1. Gatsby Introduction- Anticipation Guide
2. Juvenile Justice Essay- Final Draft discussion
3. Read Chapter One together- prep for quiz on Wednesday
Wednesday 3/1:
1.Chapter One quiz
2. Beginning of The Great Gatsby background notes
3. POV handouts- character analysis
Thursday 3/2:
1. Introduction of The Great Gatsby powerpoint (WWI and Prohibition)
2. Read- if time permits
Friday 3/3:
1. Chapter 2 quiz
2. Turn in Juvenile Justice Essay in Google Classroom
3. Great Gatsby Notes- F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. Read/Review

The Great Gatsby Reading Calendar 16-17

All quizzes are taken at the beginning of each period, NO EXCUSES.  If you are LATE to class, you will automatically  earn lower points or a zero.
If you know you will be absent on a quiz day, you must see me BEFORE the quiz day to take it.  If not, you will not be allowed to make up the quiz.
No excuses. Do the reading.  Download the audio book to listen to WHILE you read.
Do NOT rely on Sparknotes or any other reading guide.  I will always question you on parts of the chapter that are NOT in the reading guides.  This will require you to actually read the book and chapters, and it is always recommended that you take notes on each part of the chapter.

Ending Juvenile Justice unit

Thursday 2/23-
1. Review thesis statement
2. Write outline. Begin rough draft
Friday 2/24-
1. Write rough draft- DUE AT END OF PERIOD
**All of the pre-work has been done in the last three weeks in class.  Use the evidence log, argument journals, and outlines previously completed in class to write your rough draft.

The Black Cat- Analysis Questions

After reading "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allen Poe, answer the following analysis questions in detail.  Refer to the background information about Gothic Literature and its characteristics to analyze the character of the old man and his relationship with the black cat.
1. List 3 thoughts the old man had that demonstrates his psychosis.
2. In paragraph 9, explain why the old man killed the cat based on his own "explanation" of his feelings.
3. What was his reaction to killing his wife?  What does this imply about their relationship?
4. Who does he care more about, his wife or the cat?  How do you know? Explain.
5. In paragraph 18, what "battle" does he claim to have won?  How did he "win" and who did he beat?
6. Explain the imagery in the last paragraph.  What key visual words make the scene more gruesome?
7. What "revenge" was the cat getting on the old man?  Explain how a cat can get revenge on a human.