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Entrance into IB

IB is for juniors and seniors at all IB schools, by IB regulations.  Ninth and tenth graders prepare for IB by taking Honors and select AP courses.  Without the proper preparation, students will struggle with the rigor of the IB Diploma Program.  The process of entrance into IB at NHS is as follows.  
  1. As an eighth grader a student can apply to be a Pre-Diploma student. Applications can be obtained at our 8th Grade IB Parent Nights which are generally held in February or at our Nogales 101 event, where incoming freshmen and parents are invited to Nogales to meet the principal and learn about the school. Applications are also sent to the middle schools and K-8 schools which feed into Nogales. The application procedure is simple and requires the student to submit their 7th and 8th grade transcripts and the recommendation of three school staff members; two from core subject teachers and one from a counselor or administrator. The IB coordinator along with Administration makes the final decision on entry into IB and any exceptions due to unusual circumstances will be taken into consideration.
  2. Prior to registration in their Sophomore year (January), students will then have to officially declare that they intend to attempt to earn the full IB Diploma. Students will submit their declarations to the IB Coordinator for consideration. The IB Coordinator along with Administration, IB Teachers, and the IB Counselor will examine the potential candidate's transcripts and a collaborative decision will be made concerning their official acceptance into the full diploma program. Once accepted, the candidate will then be enrolled into specific IB courses during their junior and senior years.
Note:  Students will be most successful if they begin following our Pre-Diploma track as ninth graders.