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IB Course Offerings

All courses are taken in the junior and senior year.   Pursuing the Diploma will provide the student with the greatest opportunity to earn college credit and is very highly regarded by universities. Research suggests that IB students are more likely than their peers to complete their undergraduate degrees and pursue graduate work; and that they are more likely to be engaged in various aspects of university life.
For the Diploma you must take one course in each of six areas, along with Theory of Knowledge.  At least three and no more than four courses must be at HL (Higher Level).  
In addition, students must write a 4,000 word essay (Extended Essay) and fulfill the 150 hours of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). 
HL (Higher Level) courses are two year courses taken in the junior and senior year.  SL (Standard Level) courses are technically one year courses, but in most instances require two or more years of preparation. 

Group 1
IB English HL
Group 2
IB Spanish B SL  (the same class as AP Spanish Language)(prerequisite Spanish 3)
IB Spanish B HL  (the same class as AP Spanish Literature) ( prerequisite Spanish AP)
IB French B SL  ( prerequisite, French 3)
IB French B HL  ( prerequisite, French B SL)
Group 3
IB History HL ( first year is AP US History, second year is 20th Century World History)
IB Psychology SL

Group 4
IB Biology HL
Group 5
IB Math Studies SL
IB Mathematics SL
IB Math HL- (pre- requisite is Calculus BC)
Group 6
IB Visual Arts SL
IB Visual Arts HL (pre-requisite, 3 D Art or Digital Art)
IB Music SL   (prerequisite, Advanced Band)
For Diploma Candidates- The center of the sphere
Theory of Knowledge (not assigned as an HL or SL) Full diploma students will meet for TOK from 7:00am-8:30am on Late Start Mondays during their junior year. In their senior year, TOK will be a part of a student's regular daily schedule.
The sphere shown illustrates the program and is copyrighted property of IBO, 2011

Many of the pictures shown are of students doing a CAS project, Dr. Seuss Night, where students read to children and give away free books. Other pictures include IB students engaged in interactive lessons within the IB Program.