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Primary Sources

Hi, Nobles!
Below is a video on primary and secondary sources and a list of sites you might use to find primary sources for research or for your assignments and projects.  If you have any questions, please let me know!
Thanks, Nobles!
Happy searching!
Primary Sources are first-hand evidence that is related to the time or event that someone is researching.  This includes detailed accounts from participants or observers of the event (those who were there at the time of the event).  Primary sources also include written, physical, audio, or visual materials that were created at that time by someone with direct experience (  
JSTOR-search journals, books, images, primary sources
  • With JSTOR's Collections, access artwork, photographs, publications, recordings, and other artifacts to help you gain a deeper understanding of your topics of interest.
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Questions? Please ask me!
  • Chronicling America-access digitized newspapers
  • Library of Congress Digital Collections lets you access sources on different topics such as history, architecture, the arts, geography, science, biographies, literature
  • With Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress, access materials and sources on different topics and eras
  • Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress is another way to access materials and resources by topics and eras
  • The content on Free to Use & Reuse Sets is free to use and reuse!
  • Use U.S. History Primary Source Timeline to explore different moments and topics in U.S. history through primary sources from the Library of Congress
  • With the World Digital Library from the Library of Congress lets you access books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, newspapers, journals, prints, photos, sound recordings, and films.
  • Use this guide from Cal State L.A. to access sources that focus on the Chicano movement.
Websites for Primary Sources
Click on the different tabs to access different areas and topics.
Primary Source Starter Pack access sources and ideas (for teachers and students!) on a variety of topics such as